PATTERSON, Calif. (KTXL) — It was one year ago in August when Sandra Villasenor sat in her car at a Starbucks drive-thru that her life took a sudden turn.

“I honestly don’t remember that morning — at all,” Villasenor said. “As far as like pain, I didn’t have anything like that.” 

Villasenor, the principal of Grayson Elementary School, was 52 at the time. She was in good health and had no history of heart problems. 

But she suffered a massive heart attack. Villasenor stopped breathing, and her heart also stopped. No longer in control of her car,  it rolled and hit a pole.

Many people saw what happened and went to help.

She said, after her car struck the pole, it was a barista from inside Starbucks that helped get her out of her car, and a woman behind her in the drive-thru lane did CPR.

She said paramedics continued with chest compressions all the way to the hospital. She was unconscious in the hospital for three days. 

Doctors placed an Impellapump, which is considered the world’s tiniest pump, to give her own heart a break for a couple of days. 

While Arturo Villasenor, her husband of nearly 32 years, stood by her side the whole time.

“I had pretty much flat-lined. They didn’t think I was gonna make it. They told my husband, ‘she’s not going to make it,’” Sandra Villasenor said.