Elk Grove constituents react to unsealed masks included in mayor’s mailers

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ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — Elk Grove’s newest campaign mailer has caused some concern. 

A letter from Mayor Steve Ly set off alarm bells for some city of Elk Grove constituents.

“I wouldn’t trust it. I don’t know who handled it but, certainly, it had to be handled to be put inside of the mailer,” said Elk Grove resident Sandra DeBourelando.

DeBourelando said she received the letter Friday that cites reasons why she should vote for Ly. Also enclosed was a disposable, unsealed mask.

Ly told FOX40 in a statement, “Similarly to how business are offering customers free masks, I wanted to drive the point home to wear our masks and maintain social distancing. … I sent out brand new masks, and residents should feel free to use them.”

Along with local families voicing their concerns, Ly’s opponents also sounded off.

“Just to send an unsealed mask to thousands of residents throughout our city is reckless and irresponsible,” said Elk Grove mayoral candidate Bobbie Singh-Allen.

Sacramento County’s Public Health Department told FOX40, “If masks and gloves were worn to assemble the letters with the included masks, and considering the length of time for mailing, there would be very low risk.”

FOX40 spoke to another Elk Grove mother who said she was not concerned about the hygiene of the mask and was appreciative of what the mayor has done.

Still, DeBourelando said for her, the only home for the mask will be the trash can. 

“A mask that I would not put on my face. God knows where it’s been,” she said.

The recent letter was not the only mailer DeBourelando said she received from Ly. She said she also got a plant.

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