Elk Grove Neighbors Show Their Support for Officer Tara O’Sullivan

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ELK GROVE — As the law enforcement community prepares for Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan’s memorial service on Thursday, neighbors are showing their support in their own way.

The ties that bind Elk Grove neighbors have been on clear display across Old Town.

“This is what we do in times of tragedy and in times of celebration, we come together,” said Delaina Calvetti.

The placement of blue ribbons to honor 26-year-old Officer O’Sullivan was a personal mission for 11-year-old Travis Albright.

“My dad has worked in the police department for a long time, and so I just wanted to show my support for the community,” Travis told FOX40.

He understands service and sacrifice. Every day when his dad leaves for work, he can’t help but wonder, “What could happen?”

It’s why he wants to be there for Officer O’Sullivan’s family, who is now living his worst nightmare.

“Even though she is gone and you’ll never get her back, it’s just all of us are there for you and if you ever need help, we’re always here,” Travis said.

It’s a message community members hope will resonate loud and clear on Thursday when Officer O’Sullivan’s body is brought along the route to her memorial service.

Click here to learn more about Officer Tara O’Sullivan’s memorial service.

“All along from the funeral home to 99,” Calvetti said. “So when the procession goes through on Thursday, we really show our support for law enforcement and honor Officer O’Sullivan. No one should ever have to go through what they’re going through.”

Residents feel it’s a simple way of saying thank you to the men and women in blue who tie their community together.

“These people are so ready the lay down their life for us, it’s amazing,” Calvetti said. “Not a lot of people have that kind of courage and bravery.”

Many volunteers told FOX40 they plan to be back out in the area bright and early Thursday morning to show their support for Officer O’Sullivan as her body is brought to her memorial service.


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