Elk Grove officials encouraging citizens to report illegal fireworks using app

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ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) – The Elk Grove Police Department will be actively monitoring a mobile app designed to help citizens report the possession, use and sale of illegal fireworks.

Illegal fireworks that shoot into the air and explode are easy to spot from a distance, but pinpointing where they are lit and who is lighting them has always been a nightmare for police and fire patrols.

“We’ll see those fireworks go up in the air but to get into that neighborhood and figure out exactly where they came from — that’s not always the easiest task,” Elk Grove police officer Jason Jimenez explained.

That’s why authorities are asking citizens to download an app called Nail ‘em. The app includes a GPS feature as well as a way to send photos and video.

“Now with the app and having that location, hopefully that will assist those officers to get into that specific area quickly and maybe be able to catch those individuals in the act,” Jimenez said. 

Nail’ em was developed by TNT Fireworks several years ago but some jurisdictions don’t monitor the app actively.

On July third and fourth, Elk Grove Code Enforcement and Cosumnes Community Arson Investigators will join police in dedicated teams.

Jimenez says app submissions will be monitored in real time.

The city will place signs in neighborhoods to let people know that app is in play and to encourage residents to download it.   

Other signs will explain the city’s ordinance that makes property owners responsible for illegal fireworks used on their property.

Property owners can face fines up to $500.

“Information, as well as photos and some video, may allow our officers to follow up at a later time and issue a citation for those illegal fireworks,” Jimenez said.

The Nail ‘em app can be downloaded free on both Android and iPhone app stores.

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