Elk Grove Police Credit Information Center in Catching Two Suspected Killers

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ELK GROVE — In the past two days, Elk Grove police have nabbed a murder suspect and two attempted murder suspects wanted in the Bay Area. They also caught a car thief.

The two suspects wanted for attempted murder in Antioch were arrested at Laguna West Way and Santorini Drive.

“I’m blown away. I’m flabbergasted. I mean, this is an area that we have our children, where we play in,” said neighbor Karie Robinson.

The Elk Grove Police said it was technology that ultimately led to the suspects’ capture. Their car drove past one of the city’s three fixed license plate reader cameras.

“Essentially captures the license plate numbers and then compares it to a database that has wanted vehicles or even stolen vehicles,” said Elk Grove Police Officer Jason Jimenez.

That camera then sends an alert through Elk Grove’s new real-time information center.

Technicians can pull up traffic light cameras, building cameras and even cameras on buses.

“Thirty-eight buses driving around all over Sacramento with eight high definition cameras running,” explained one of the center’s technicians.

The system, which runs on Live Earth software, can also show technicians where the closest officers are, allowing them to guide units into crime scenes.

Technicians can also pull up floor plans of schools to get them to the exact classroom where a crime is taking place.

“So, we’re also doing that for apartment complexes, movie theaters, all those kind of buildings as well,” the technician said.

The system even captured the moment police pulled over the Antioch suspects.

The department said it has been planning the system for two years but it didn’t go live until just a few weeks ago.

It’s already getting results.

Wednesday, the system helped Elk Grove police find and arrest 30-year-old Johnathon Michael Inocencio, a man wanted for murder out of Livermore.

That same day, technicians used the system to track down a suspect, believed to be breaking into cars, to an apartment complex.

“We’re excited to have this become part of our toolbox, so to speak,” Officer Jimenez said.

And the department hopes criminals get the message.

“We want people to know that if you’re a criminal and you’re committing crimes, this is not the place to be,” Jimenez told FOX40.

Police said the first trial run they had of the new system was when fallen Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan’s funeral procession came through Elk Grove. That allowed them to track every officer involved in the procession.


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