Elk Grove Police Say Suspects Who Committed Two Robberies in 40 Minutes Arrested

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Update: The Elk Grove Police Department says investigators believe all suspects involved in Thursday’s robberies on Tralee Way and Elk Grove Boulevard have been apprehended.

Monday night around 10, officers took two robbery suspects into custody following a vehicle stop in the area of Elk Grove Florin and Bond roads. A 16-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery, robbery and possession of a firearm. Eighteen-year-old Serena Abell was arrested on suspicion of attempted robbery and robbery.

The following day, detectives arrested two more suspects, both juveniles, as they left their Sacramento residence. 

Some stolen property has been recovered, according to the police department.

ELK GROVE — Elk Grove police need your help finding several suspects they believe are behind three robberies that all happened within 40 minutes.

The three locations are all within 4 miles of each other and the victims were all students walking home from school. Now, Elk Grove police are warning parents to tell their kids to be careful when walking home.

Meanwhile, the police department says they’re increasing the number of officers near schools.

“Saw the police over there, over here. Coming down the road,” said Joel Walker.

Walker lives on Tralee Way near Elk Grove High School and knew something had happened Thursday afternoon.

“We didn’t ask, when they’re out there doing something, that’s their job, I don’t want to bother them,” Walker said about Elk Grove police.

Elk Grove police say that’s where an underage kid was walking home when two suspects approached him demanding his property.

The victim tried to run away, but the suspects caught up with him and threw him to the ground. Police say they then beat him and took his stuff.

During the robbery, police say one of the suspects showed a firearm.

He along with the other suspect jumped into a white, four-door sedan after they took the victim’s things. It’s a car that police say had two women waiting in it.

That same car and suspect descriptions were given by another victim who fought off his attackers on Elk Grove Boulevard.

A very similar description was given by yet another victim who was robbed while walking on Denali Circle where one of the suspects also showed a gun.

“There’s been problems. I’ve had my garage robbed once. I’ve had my car broken into twice,” Walker said.

The rash in robberies comes the same week Elk Grove police released crime statistics suggesting crime is actually down in the city.

According to the data, Elk Grove had a 5.1% decrease in robberies from 2017 to 2018.

“Are they down or just moved from here to there to there to there. Who knows,” Walker asked.

Walker says his grandkids go to many of the nearby schools including Elk Grove High School down the street. He says he’ll be warning them to be careful while he’s keeping an eye out for his neighbors and their property.

“You got a school here, school here, you’ve got a school over there, so we’ve got three groups of kids going by all day long seeing what you have that they want. So yeah, you’re going to have problems,” Walker said.

The police department says it is working with the school district to prepare students to be careful when walking home.


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