GALT, Calif. (KTXL) — The Galt Police Department said they arrested a woman and a woman after they robbed a bank and evaded police in multiple pursuits on Saturday.

Police said they initially received a call of a stolen vehicle that was used in an armed robbery in Elk Grove and later spotted the vehicle in the 800 block of Delane Drive, in central Galt.

The driver then entered another vehicle and fled, according to police, but officers were able spot the driver and another traffic stop was attempted.

The vehicle briefly yielded and was not fully complying with officers orders when a female exited the vehicle, according to police.

Police said that the male driver fled from officers, initiating a pursuit, and the woman was later determined to be involved with the original stolen Honda.

The pursuit with the male driver entered onto CA-99 into the city of Elk Grove and the driver eventually surendered to police just north of Elk Grove Boulevard, according to police.

The male was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, vehicle theft, and felony evading, according to police, and the woman was arrested for vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Both were booked into the Sacramento County Main Jail, according to police.