(FOX40.COM) — The city of Elk Grove is ready to open in November what it calls a temporary winter sanctuary for people experiencing homelessness and recently held an open house for community members to visit the location and speak with staff who will operate it.

The shelter is located at 9620 Elk Grove Blvd. in a building that used to house a pharmacy and that will later be converted into a public library.

From November 1 to March, however, the building will be able to shelter up to 30 people who are referred to the site by the city’s social services programs. Walk-ins will not be allowed.

The shelter will be open 24/7 and contains individual sleeping areas with beds and storage space, as well as other amenities.

The shelter will be operated by The Gathering Inn, an organization that runs similar facilities in Placer County.

“We will be fully staffed, and I will be on-site as well, supporting every single client and my staff,” Clyde Turner, the program director, said to FOX40.com.

Sarah Bontrager, the housing and public services manager for Elk Grove, emphasized the site’s safety, both for clients and the surrounding area, saying, “Our homeless outreach team is a part of our police department, and they have a pretty active presence as well and have a couple of cameras on site for security purposes.”

The operators of the site are also available to speak with the public about the shelter during the five months it will be active, as part of the agreement with the city.

Jenn Jacobs, who lives in Elk Grove, said the facility is impressive.

“There’s a lot of space here, they are going to get some of their own privacy that they didn’t necessarily get with the last shelter that we had. The whole thing is wonderful. I’m totally behind it.”