(FOX40.COM) — The City of Elk Grove has installed new traffic lights in several places in an effort to help with the flow of traffic. 
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Officials said the lights use flashing yellow left-turn signals and are installed at the following intersections: 
•Harbor Point Drive and Galen Drive
•Harbor Point Drive at Renwick Avenue
•Big Horn Boulevard at Lewis Stein Road
•Elk Grove Boulevard at Wymark Drive
•Lewis Stein Road at West Stockton Boulevard

How do the lights work? 

Solid green, yellow, and red lights are the standard at stop lights, meaning “go, slow down and stop.” 

The new traffic signal lights include a flashing left-turn yellow light, which means drivers can make a left turn when able.

According to the city, a flashing yellow arrow means drivers have a permissible turn, but will need to yield to oncoming traffic, bicyclists and pedestrians. 

“Remember, safety is key!,” the city said in a Facebook post. “Always yield and exercise caution when making a left turn, especially with a flashing yellow arrow. Let’s keep our roads safe and traffic moving smoothly.”