ELK GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — Three people were arrested on Thursday after officers caught the suspects attempting to steal a catalytic converter, along with locating methamphetamine and tools that are used to steal catalytic converters inside a van, according to the Elk Grove Police Department.

Police said that early Thursday morning a caller told the police that they saw someone under their neighbor’s car. The caller told the police that the suspects drove off in a van after seeing the caller.

According to the police, officers were able to locate the van and the three people inside were detained. Police said that one of the suspects was on probation while the other two suspects had active warrants out for their arrests.

Officers then searched the vehicle and found methamphetamine along with tools that are used to steal catalytic converters including a reciprocating saw, manual pipe cutters, and other tools.

According to police, the officers returned to the car that the suspects were seen at and they determined that the suspects were attempting to steal the vehicle’s catalytic converter.

Police then arrested Andrew Alforque, 39, My Moua, 40, and Soukovang Saechao, 43. All three were booked at the Main Jail.