End of an Era: Dimple Records Owners, Regulars Say Goodbye to Sacramento-Area Staple

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SACRAMENTO — After decades, there will soon be no more flipping through CDs and records to find what you came for at Dimple Records.

Since it opened, Dimple Records and its seven area locations have been a family business.

“In ‘83, (John) incorporated it and it became Dimple Records,” said Dilyn Radakovitz.

But for founder John Radakovitz, it’s time to move on.

“My husband just wants to retire,” said his wife, Dilyn. “He didn’t want to leave liabilities there for our sons.”

Their son, Andrew, is the business’s treasurer. It’s not an easy job when selling hard copies of music in this day and age. So, years ago, he started to expand his products by buying and selling other items.

“The reason why we’re still in business, well up to this point, is because our margins for retail on the used is like 80%, 70%. So, it’s pretty healthy,” Andrew Radakovitz told FOX40.

Andrew knew selling just music wasn’t going to turn a profit. So he turned to what’s called “non-core,” or products that are outside of what people expect in a certain business.

“And this stuff is impulsive, right? You’re standing in line, you’re looking at your board, you’re grabbing it,” he said.

For store regular Misty Webb, her shopping has always been about CDs and DVDs. However, the tunes and flicks will never compare to the memories of finding them with her son.

“I am just going to miss it because everything that is really good about the store we’re gonna lose it,” she said.

Dilyn Radakovitz is also one of the founders of Record Store Day, an annual, global event that encourages music lovers to shop at independent retailers.

While Dimple Records will be closing after its liquidation sale, Andrew said he’s going to open a similar store in Folsom around September.

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