Events Cancelled as Snow Falls on Grass Valley

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GRASS VALLEY — It was snowing in Grass Valley Friday.

It was that light and airy, floating down ever so gently toward your face kind of fluff that makes you stop in your tracks and look up in wonder.

Jim Jones was all about it Friday night.

“For my own personal, selfish desires, yeah I’d love to see the snow,” Jones said.

But the possibility of that snow sticking around Saturday made the city pump the brakes on some pretty big weekend plans.

Linda Lough with Lucchesi Winery had to break the bad news to some 400 people, all who pre-purchased $50 tickets to the Foothills Celebration. The 17th annual food and wine fair spans 20 storefronts in historic downtown Grass Valley.

“This is the first time that I can remember that it’s been postponed,” Lough said.

It’s been postponed an entire month and moved from March 3 to April 7. That’s because the city couldn’t guarantee snow plows would be able to clear the roads.

“The threat of a serious snow made them feel like they need to take care of the people who would attend,” Lough said.

Lough said many of the participating businesses will be open anyway for any people who want to brave the snow.

“They are more likely to hunker down,” Lough said.

Jones said he’ll be downtown, rain or shine, pairing the unpredictable weather with a glass of wine.

“A zinfandel really fits in with the cold, crisp atmosphere out there,” Jones said.

The colder and crisper it gets out there the harder it will be to deal with it.

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