Every Memorial Day a Granite Bay Woman Honors Her Son, a Marine She Calls Her Hero

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SACRAMENTO — Memorial Day is about more than cookouts and trips to the lake. It’s a day meant to honor and remember those who have died serving our nation.

On Sunday, one Granite Bay family honored a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice.

“He deployed to Afghanistan. Eighteen days later, we got that knock on the door telling us that our oldest child had been killed by a roadside bomb,” said Gold Star mother Patty Schumacher.

It’s been nine years since Schumacher’s son was killed.

“Even to this day, you still, ‘Oh, he’s coming home, he’s just not home yet. The door’s going to open and he’s going to be there,'” she told FOX40. “It’s almost like your mind and your heart plays a trick on you because it hurts so much.”

But Lance Cpl. Victor Dew of the United States Marine Corps will never come home.

That’s why his mother spends her Memorial Day weekend, year after year, keeping his memory alive by sharing his story at church services and events.

“He died doing what he wanted to do, where he wanted to be, with his brothers in arms,” Schumacher said.

Twenty-year-old Dew grew up in Granite Bay and devoted his childhood to martial arts and football. Becoming a Marine was his lifelong dream, second only to marrying his fiancée, Courtney.

“He will not be at his siblings’ birthdays, graduations or weddings. That big brother will never be a husband or a father,” Schumacher stated.

So, this Memorial Day she asks you to take a moment to honor her son and the thousands of brave men and women who have sacrificed everything.

“Because it is for those who stepped up and were willing to lay their life down so that we can enjoy our freedoms today,” Schumacher said. “Lance Corporal Victor Dew, United States Marine Corps, my son and my hero.”

Schumacher now runs The Honor Group, a nonprofit that educates students, coaches and the community about the needs of our military veterans. They also raise money to help ill and wounded veterans return to civilian life. You can find more information about the organization on their website.


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