Expert Believes Domesticated Deer Will Survive in Wild

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The day Florecita, a 2-year-old deer was taken by the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, she was released the deer in the wild.

Dozens of viewers protested the decision to take the domesticated animal from the Cervantes family, who had raised her since birth, but deer expert Diane Nicholas feels they made the right call.

“When she was confiscated and put into an enclosure, she showed all of the signs of being wild. Since she was eating vegetation in that Rio Linda area, her system should be able to process it,” said Nicholas.

Nicholas has been working closely with Fish & Wildlife since Florecita was taken.

She says the fact that Florecita would run from people she didn’t know was a good sign.

Nicholas also said deer roam freely at night. Since Florecita was not chained to the Cervantes property, her natural instincts were able to develop.

“Overall when you look at this animal. I think she will be best in the wild,” said Nicholas.

Fish & Wildlife initially told the family the would rehabilitate Florecita but after being evaluated by vets, they decided she was capable of surviving in the wild.

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