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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Sacramento was once known as the City of Trees, but now tree experts say that reputation may not last long as dry weather conditions are putting trees at risk of dying early.

For as long as Danielle Lamarche can remember, the trees in Sacramento have always been a way for her to enjoy the outdoors, especially at McKinley Park.

“We used to climb trees. We used to swing on them,” Lamarche said. “I think it’s beautiful right now. I know given the extent of the drought we are in, I know we won’t be able to enjoy this much longer.”

It’s those same dry conditions making arborists concerned about the future of these trees.

“You can definitely see the increase of stress in the trees. With that stress you’re seeing a decline as far as leaf drop, early coloration of the leaves,” explained arborist Matt Morgan. “When you have a stressed tree, you can also have weakened branches that will cause early limb failure.”

Arborists like Morgan said brittle, dry branches and crispy leaves are not a good sign this early into the fall season, but there are some ways to treat these issues that can possibly save a tree’s life.

Tree experts say deep watering to get to the roots, fertilizer, and pruning are all very important to a tree’s health.

“Proper pruning. Proper pruning will help manage that weight that’s on those limbs to help reduce the chance of those limbs failing,” Morgan told FOX40.

And if a tree can’t be saved remove them as soon as possible, especially before the winter season.

“Get those diseased and dying trees, get those taken out as soon as possible. They’re more brittle. They’re more likely to fail,” Morgan said.

Arborists also said we can plan for the future by planting trees that don’t require much water.

“We need trees. We definitely need trees. I hope we do continue to try to save them and do plant more,” Lamarche said.

Arborists add that a good way to tell if a tree is healthy is of course green leaves, but also looking at the bark. If the tree bark is peeling, that means the tree is slowly on its way out.