Fairfield Police announced the arrest of a suspect in a deadly shooting that led to a driver being ejected from their vehicle after crashing.

Police said on Sunday that they had arrested a man, 47, in connection with the shooting and crash. The crashed vehicle was found on the morning of October 13.

On that morning, police responded to a pickup truck that crashed near Cement Hill and Peabody roads, on the eastern end of the city.

Officials said the truck hit several structures before stopping, and that the 44-year-old driver, a resident of Oakland, was ejected from the vehicle and died.

Investigators believe the crash may have happened during the night, but due to the vehicle’s location off of the roadways, it was not found until the morning daylight.

It was only when an autopsy was performed that a bullet was found in the driver’s body, police said, leading them to investigate the case as a homicide.

Police said they were able to complete the arrest with the help of the FBI, Vacaville Police and the Solano County Violent Crime Task Force.