Fairfield church opens its doors to the homeless community, offering shelter, food and training

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — This week, the BayNorth Church of Christ in Fairfield opened its doors to the homeless, with the ability to house up to 50 people through December.

“Provide some solutions to our homeless crisis, as well as keep our homeless safe and in an atmosphere where they’re also protected from catching the COVID-19 virus,” said BayNorth Church of Christ Pastor Sam Morris.

“The people would be really focused on these homeless friends of ours and get them to get everything that they need,” said Fairfield City Councilwoman Catherine Moy.

The City Council approved a resolution last month authorizing an emergency COVID-19 sheltering plan at the church, placing homeless people at risk for contracting the virus in emergency shelter.

It’s funded through the city’s coronavirus relief fund.

“Not only providing three meals a day, plus a snack, for our homeless guests,” Pastor Morris said.

They’ve also partnered with a statewide project cooking up to 70 meals a day.

“So we’ve, up to this point, have cooked over 25,000 meals,” Morris told FOX40.

Those the church is helping will also receive training and learn life skills to prepare them for the workforce and assist them with transitional and permanent housing.

“We’re gonna do all those things so that we could actually rotate someone else in,” Morris explained.

The pastor said the church is nothing new to the homeless community.

“They’re very familiar with how we love on them, how we care for them,” he said. “So, they’re actually have been just driving up, saying, ‘How can we get in? We wanna be a part. We wanna receive that love.’”

“Somebody’s gonna be there 24 hours. So, if somebody has a breakdown, a mental breakdown, they can get services right then. They can sit with them,” Moy said. “I used to hold people if they’re having it happen in the middle of the night. And those people learn to trust you.” 

“We can make a difference, even when times are difficult, even when times are hard,” Morris said. “And that’s what we’re about.”

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