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FAIRFIELD — A fight broke out at a Fairfield school last week, but it wasn’t between high school students or middle schoolers. Rather it was a group of elementary school children.

Connie O’Brien said multiple students attacked her 9-year-old Aiden at Tolenas Elementary School during recess. She said the fight started over a girl.

“I was absolutely floored that this would happen at his age,” O’Brien said.

Fourth-grader Aiden has the injuries to prove it. His back and face were bruised, and an Ace bandage around his arm helps with the pain from being hurt, according to his mom.

“They had hit him so many times in the kidney he had a hard time peeing that entire day,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien said she’s unhappy about the way the school dealt with the altercation.

“Every single adult at school that he encountered to try to get help dismissed him,” she said.

A spokesperson with the Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District said in a statement:

“The safety and security of students is our top priority. We take these situations very seriously. The school administration is working with the families on the matter.”

The bullying along with the way the administration handled the incident led O’Brien to the decision to remove Aiden from the school.

She hopes her son’s situation will open up dialogue between parents and their kids about bullying.

“Talk to your children more than just ‘how was your day what did you do today?’ push a little bit further,” she said.

The Solano County Sheriff’s Office is involved in the investigation. A spokesperson with the sheriff’s office said no criminal charges have been filed yet.

The district couldn’t confirm if any of the students involved had been punished for the fight.