Fairfield Woman Left without Power after Lightning Hits Home

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Patricia Willard said it sounded like “All Hell broke loose.” That is putting it lightly, considering Willard has been without power in her Fairfield home since Saturday when lightning struck her home during a thunder storm.

“It went ‘kerplowie’ and the glass globe in my kitchen hit the floor. The house jumped 10 inches and everything went black,” said Willard.

Neighbors believed the same bolt of lightning traveled two homes down shattering windows and leaving many more without power.

“Shatter, crack, lights went out and came back on. We were the only one in the neighborhood that had lights,” said neighbor Nedra Polk.

While Polk’s home is back to normal, she is helping her neighbor stay somewhat out of the dark with an extension cord that runs to Willard’s television set.

When asked what she is most thankful for, “That the house didn’t catch on fire,” said Willard.

And even thought this fireball can survive without warm water and a stove the one thing that bugged her the most was not having a working phone.

“The next morning was when I realized I had a problem, my phone was dead. Then I panicked and went to their house to call my daughter,” said Willard.

Willard says her homeowner’s insurance is working well with her and even offered to put her in a hotel.

PG&E says it will be a few weeks before Willard’s power can be fully restored.

She is planning to get a generator in the meantime.

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