Faith-based organizations in San Joaquin County give aid to migrant workers

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CONTRA COSTA COUNTY, Calif. (KTXL) — Faith-based organizations in San Joaquin County are reaching out to migrant workers during the pandemic. 

Hand sanitizer, lunch and mask are just a few things but they can be a big help for migrant workers in Contra Costa County. 

“Everybody that’s working on the fields that have received this help, we are very thankful,” said worker Artemio Cocino.

“They’re unsung heroes. The reason why we’re able to have food on our table, the reason why we’re able to have fruit on our table is because of the work,” said Faith in the Valley organizer Brianna Rojas. 

Organizers with Faith in the Valley and Reverend Nelson Rabell of Saint Paul Lutheran Church of Lodi have been visiting fields regularly. 

“Besides the fact that they do this work, they’re human beings and they need to be shown appreciation,” Rabell told FOX40. 

All of it is just a part of what they’ve done to assist. 

“With the $1,000 that Pastor Nelson was able to give it really helped especially because my mom just passed away on Monday,” said worker Emiliano Hernandez.

Rabell says the workers are just some of the 125 families who have received at least $1,000 from Faith in the Valley. 

“We got our hours reduced in the beginning and now little by little we’re coming back,” Cocino said. 

Hernandez says in his family alone 10 relatives were sickened by the virus. 

“But they are recovering now,” Hernandez said. 

Rabell says he knows of at least 25 migrant families in San Joaquin County who faced eviction. 

Workers told FOX40 they’ve used the money towards their family’s basic needs. 

The ongoing aid is a show of faith and humanity. 

“Encouraging everyone here that they matter and that their voice counts,” Rojas said. 

Volunteers also handed out N95 masks which organizers say is especially important when laborers are out in the fields in smoky conditions. 

Rabell says Faith in the Valley is planning to donate to a total of 400 families by the end of October. 

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