SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — As the Sacramento community looks to turn the page from the recent gun violence, religious leaders gathered at the Allen Chapel AME Church in Del Paso Heights.

Pastor Alan Jones and leaders from other Sacramento-area congregations came together for an interfaith prayer service with goals of peace and healing.

“Live in a culture of violence,” Jones said. “We can do better than this.”

Leaders said everyone in the community must look within and ask what more we can do to help lessen the gun violence.

Julius Thibodaux-Hasan with Movement For Life said community leaders must demand more from themselves and must find new ways to reach out to vulnerable people.

“In the short term, I believe Sacramento has shown they are good at responding to acts of violence like this,” Thibodaux-Hasan explained. “I think long term is what needs to be addressed.”

Thibodaux-Hasan said ending the violence in the long term requires financial investment for unserved communities.

“We don’t need a quick fix. We don’t need to respond well, and then not have a plan for the future. We want commitment, we want to be able to have mainstays pillars in the community, like law enforcement,” Thibodaux-Hasan said. “To see a 28-month run of no juvenile homicides, young people, we’re making better decisions. However, we were investing in young people, supporting young people, not just trying to police young people.”

Faith leaders said they are having good meetings with city leaders on how to curve gun violence and they hope the movement continues.