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(KTXL) — 20 years after being removed from power, the Taliban have effectively regained control of Afghanistan.

Many people living in Sacramento, who are either from Afghanistan or have family there, remain worried Sunday night as they can only wonder what will happen to the country.

“I am looking for asylum for my own family because they are going after my family,” said Naweed Yousufi, a Sacramento resident. “They will kill my family. I am sure they are going to kill my family if they find out.”

Yousufi worked as a freelance journalist and helped gather intelligence for American special forces for 12 years — and still keeps in touch with those in Afghanistan.

Map shows areas controlled by Taliban.

“We need back the United States in Afghanistan. I am ready to go back — if they want to go back and start fighting against the Taliban,” Yousufi said.

Yousufi says he blames U.S. politicians, including the Biden administration, for the collapse. He hopes the U.S. stays or its reputation around the world will be heavily impacted.

“If you believe in democracy and freedom, go back to Afghanistan,” Yousufi said. “Save the women and kids. Save them.”

In a statement, Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa said the Biden administration bears responsibility.