Fallen Sacramento Police Officer’s Family Speaks

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SACRAMENTO — The family of Sacramento Police Officer Tara O’Sullivan spoke out for the first time Tuesday since her death in defense of the department for which she gave her life.

“We’re here today due to the negative and misleading and hurtful information that has been spread about our Sacramento Police Department and family,” said O’Sullivan’s father, Denis. “In no way will we ever place blame on any of the officers.”

Sacramento police have come under scrutiny after Officer O’Sullivan’s death and have been questioned about their tactics to save her.

O’Sullivan lay bleeding for 46 minutes as Adel Sambrano Ramos, the man who shot her, continued to fire on officers.

“The notion that anyone in the Sacramento Police Department is responsible for this senseless murder of Tara is extremely offensive,” Denis O’Sullivan told reporters.

“Well, police are always going to be scrutinized and we’re accustomed to being questioned,” said California Police Chiefs Association President Ronald Lawrence.

Lawrence said there may be lessons for Sacramento police to learn from O’Sullivan’s death, as there are for every critical response. However, he said in this case, it’s too early to be critical.

“This just happened,” he told FOX40. “For somebody to question police tactics, frankly, it’s idiotic. They don’t know the facts.”

“The reality is you had police officers under attack by a maniac with a high-powered rifle.”

“You also heard from Mr. O’Sullivan and the family how much Tara loved this police department,” said Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn.

The O’Sullivan family and the Sacramento police family presented a united front in the wake of a major loss for both.


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