Family Fights for Custody of Murdered Sacramento Woman’s Children

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY — After loving her big sister for 29 years, Anastasia Favila can’t believe she’ll have to live the rest of her days without Deseret.

“Big sister, always looking out for us, no matter what,” Anatasia Favila remembered as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“To hear that he stabbed her multiple times just shows how much hate he had for her,” she said.

The bright light that Deseret Antoinette Favila was to her family faded out of their lives in a frightening way early Jan. 19.

The Sacramento native’s husband, former Los Angeles county sheriff’s deputy Jorge Casas, has now been charged with murdering her at their San Fernando home while their 8, 6 and 4-year-old children were inside.

“My daughter was a beautiful mother and beautiful person… everything she did was for her kids,” said Adena Valencia, Deseret’s mother.

In fits and starts, Valencia is slowly coming to terms with all she’s lost.

Almost prophetically, Desert’s special brand of caring showed up in the mail at her mother’s home two days after her death.

Part of the letter read:

“Mom…I love you. Don’t worry…you’re going to be fine. God always takes care of his angels.”

Valencia wishes she could follow her daughter’s last bit of advice — not to worry — but instead she’s tormented with worry about her grandchildren.

A court ruling has given temporary custody to the family of her daughter’s alleged killer, some of whom lived on the same property where the murder happened.

“The weapon was still missing. We don’t know who disposed of the weapon, and they gave them the children,” Valencia said.

“My mom says the brother’s nice. We thought Jorge was nice. I think they need to be all the way removed from that environment,” said Anastasia.

Favila, Casas and their kids had just spent weeks staying with her mother in Elk Grove over the holidays.

No one sensed there was any tension in their relationship and Favila didn’t confess any.

Since the stabbing, Favila’s family says they’ve heard Casas may have been suffering from schizophrenia.

But despite any illness or indignation, they say family ties should never have been severed this way.

“Just worried about the kids. They’re just too innocent to stay there,” said Anastasia.

All reports indicate the children did not see or hear what happened to their mother.

Deseret Favila’s funeral will be held next week.

Another hearing involving her children’s custody is scheduled soon after.

The Casas family declined to make any comment about this situation.

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