Family Gets Wrong Seats from Candlestick after Paying Hundreds

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The Sanchez family of El Dorado Hills says the seats from Candlestick Park they paid for were not the seats they were sent.

From 1979 to 2010, Rich Sanchez, a lifelong 49ers fan, sat in the same seats at the ‘Stick with his dad.

“The biggest memory was the catch,” Sanchez said. “We were there when Dwight Clark made the catch.”

When the team announced that the 2013 season would be its last at Candlestick, Sanchez’s kids knew the perfect Christmas gift for him: seats 15 and 16 from their section; the seats Sanchez and his father sat in many, many times.

But when the box came, they were given their more recent seats even though daughter Amanda was told they would be the original seats.

Now, they are trying desperately to get some answers but are hearing little from the team.

“It’s got to be a very daunting venture, but it’s one they signed up for. One they’re making money on,” Sanchez said.

The 49ers did not respond to FOX40’s request for comment before deadline. Meanwhile, the Sanchez family isn’t sure if they should return the seats they have if the original seats are guaranteed.

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