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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — A Sacramento-area family is demanding justice Sunday after their baby was found dead in a hotel room in Georgia earlier this month.

Two people have been charged in connection with the baby’s death.

“There’s a lot of them. There’s really a lot of good times for my son,” said Brian Smith Sr., the father of 1-year-old Brian Smith Jr. “But now I get him back in a box.”

Juanita Smith, aunt and godmother to Brian Jr., told FOX40 that the last time she saw her nephew was back in March for his first birthday.

“Let him blow out his cake and ice cream, and yeah, he was happy. We were all happy,” recalled Juanita Smith.

But shortly after that, Juanita Smith says the baby’s mother took him to Atlanta after meeting a man online.

After trying multiple times to get in contact with the boy’s mother, she says she got the terrible news.

“Empty. It was very empty. We tried everything,” Juanita Smith said. “I wanted him safe and I know that when he was with her unsupervised, he wasn’t safe.”

According to a report from the East Point Police Department in Georgia, they got a call from Mira Kerns from a Days Inn in Fulton County.

She said her son wasn’t breathing.

When officers got to the hotel room, they found Kerns’ boyfriend, Danontay Colon, giving the boy chest compressions.

Officers also noticed the boy had a duct tape cast on his arm, bruises and cuts all over his body.

The couple told police they tried to give him medicine through his bottle and noticed his lips were blue shortly after.

Police say drugs were also found in the room. Both were charged with child abuse and murder.

“There’s no way that you love my nephew, because how are you still alive and my nephew’s dead? I would’ve fought for my baby’s life. I would’ve died right there with my baby,” Juanita Smith said.

Feeling helpless and out of options, the family says that creating a GoFundMe page and holding a car wash fundraiser were the only things they could do.

The family says any money raised will be used to help with funeral and legal services. In the meantime, Smith Sr. says he’ll continue to fight for his son.

“I just want justice for my son,” Smith Sr. said.