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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) – The family of one of the victims in the fatal shooting that took place in Old Sacramento late Friday night is speaking out about their loved one.

The family of Alex Cerda told FOX40 Tuesday that the 21-year-old was out with his cousin when he was shot and killed.

“It’s so devastating. It was not my son’s time to go. … It was not his time to go,” said Cerda’s mother through tears. “And that Friday night changed all of our lives forever.“

Sacramento police haven’t determined a motive for the shooting but said they’re investigating all possible angles.

Detectives arrested two men for homicide and felony assault.

Cerda was one of two people who died in the shooting, but his family said that the two men arrested were not the ones who shot Cerda.

The family also disputes reports about the shooting being gang-related.

Cerda’s wife told FOX40 he was a loving husband and father to their 3-year-old son.

“He was a family man. He was not into gangs. He was a good person,” Cerda’s wife said. “He helped everybody. Everybody always came first before him.”

Other family members also want to set the record straight.

“He was a victim. And his whole family is a victim. He did not commit that crime. He didn’t deserve that. And I don’t want that to be the picture of him because that wasn’t him,” Cerda’s cousin said. 

The family said Alex was a hard worker who always found the time and energy to help with his son.

“He’d work all day. He worked six days a week, he worked at his job and then he helped my dad do landscaping on the side,” Cerda’s wife said. “The only day he had off was Sunday, that’s it.”

“Everybody considered them his son. That’s just how loving and caring he was to everyone and he made everyone his family,” Cerda’s mom said.

The family expressed sadness that Cerda’s son will no longer have his father.

“I feel for my son because now,” Cerda’s wife said through tears, “He don’t got a dad to teach him how to play sports or to teach him how to even shave.” 

“Alex was wonderful. He was loved by everybody, every single person. He walked into their lives, he impacted,” Cerda’s mom said.

For those who wish to help Cerda’s family, click or tap here for their GoFundMe link.

The two suspects, Cedric Salcedo and Marcus Trull, were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday at the Sacramento County Superior Court but the arraignment was pushed back to the middle of next month.

The suspects will not make formal pleas in the case until August 19.