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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — The brothers of Mary Kate Tibbitts, who was killed inside her Land Park home Friday, shared their feelings about losing their 61-year-old sister.

“The priority has to be public safety,” George Tibbitts told FOX40. “This is not a new story. There are many victims of crimes committed by people out on bail. And it shouldn’t happen. Particularly, one so gruesome, as happened to our sister.” 

Sacramento police arrested 51-year-old Troy Davis, a parolee with a violent history, on suspicion of killing Mary Kate Tibbitts and her two dogs.

He was also charged with assault, intent to commit rape and arson for allegedly setting the house on fire.

“If he ends up being convicted, and we think he will, it is obvious that he should have never been released in the first place and given the freedom to commit his heinous crimes,” George Tibbitts said. 

The brothers, along with the California District Attorneys Association, believe California’s “zero bail” policy failed their family.

“Our only hope is that it won’t take years for the citizens of the state to wake up and realize that we have the ultimate power to insist on changes to laws and the people who implement those laws, to affect reforms that are so badly needed to protect ourselves from the evil that exists amongst us,” George Tibbitts said. 

Mary Kate Tibbetts’ family described her as being committed to those she held close, willing to share their burdens without thought of her own and she was a champion to homeless dogs and cats.

She loved animals so much, that she volunteered for 25 years at the Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals as a foster parent, a dog walker and rescuing senior dogs for herself.

The family says, those senior dogs, Molly and Ginny, also took their last breath alongside their foster parent in the home they shared together.

“The huge void in our lives will never be filled. Our only comfort is in knowing that Kate’s soul is in a better place,” George Tibbitts said.