(KTXL) — As a 33-year-old mother fights for her life while in a coma, her father is fighting for what he says are necessary changes along Highway 70 to make it safer for traffic.

“If they wouldn’t have in this area, that would’ve happened,” Scott Maxwell, Jenny Maxwell’s father, said.

Scott Maxwell’s daughter, Jenny, is fighting to stay alive. He says he can’t help but feel guilty because she lives in the Plumas Lake area to be close to family. It’s also the place where she got into a big crash.

The 33-year-old mother has been in a coma since Sept. 22 after the passenger side of her car was T-boned as she tried to make a left turn from Highway 70 onto Kempton Road.

“Still at this minute, I can’t believe it happened,” Scott Maxwell said.

Two days following the crash, Scott Maxwell says doctors gave her a 25% survival rate. Today, she has a 25% recovery rate.

“She’s got frontal lobe damage. She’s got brain stem damage. Honestly, I can’t even tell you how many surgeries she’s had,” Scott Maxwell said.

And all the while, she remains unconscious in the UC Davis Medical Center’s ICU.

“She has been a fighter. Absolutely, she’s been a fighter all her life,” Scott Maxwell said.

The California Highway Patrol says the speed on Highway 70 is 65 mph. But Jenny’s family says the car that struck her was going much faster.

The impact from the collision forced her car into a pole before careening into a ditch. Her dad wants the highway to be made safer by either building an over or underpass for crossing traffic or putting a traffic signal light. Other locals in the area agree.

“Jenny’s accident is a catalyst for me to try and fix this. So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing,” Scott Maxwell said.

Caltrans spokesman Gilbert Mohtes-Chan told FOX40, following a catastrophic crash, such as Jenny’s, they will be studying that intersection of traffic, to determine how it can be made safer.

For now, the family, including Jenny’s two daughters and her fiance, stay by Jenny Maxwell’s side until they can take her home.

“We always knew what a kind soul she is. But all the people that have been reaching out to us — She’s a drug and alcohol counselor, and all the people have reached out. She’s amazing. We are just heartbroken,” Jennifer Maxwell, Jenny’s stepmother, said.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help Jenny Maxwell.