Family says man regrets shooting into the air to protect pet duck from dog attack

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ESCALON, Calif. (KTXL) — The family of an Escalon man who was arrested for firing his gun says he was trying to scare off a dog that was attacking his pet duck. 

“You know, it’s still a pet. My dad, he really, especially after his brain cancer, you know, it’s like his child right now,” said Jessica Drapper. 

Drapper explains her parent’s pet duck, named Mr. Duck, is an important member of their family. 

“He’s really close to my husband,” said Terri Wilson. 

“My dad pets him and follows him around. He takes a bath around the corner every day. My little son, he pets him. He’s a very chill duck,” Drapper said. 

That is why she believes her father, Clinton Wilson, lost his temper Monday morning and fired a gun into the air after a neighbor’s pit bull jumped a fence and attacked the duck.

“I wish he wouldn’t have done that,” Drapper said. 

“He wishes he hadn’t have done it,” Terri Wilson told FOX40. 

“Yeah, he was already talking to my mom from jail and stuff, and he’s regretting it,” Drapper said. “It was an impulsive behavior.” 

Escalon police say they arrested Clinton Wilson after the incident and charged him with reckless endangerment for firing a .38 caliber pistol into the air. 

“I don’t know if that’s where his brain tumor is at. It’s the left temporal lobe. It’s impulsiveness, mood changes and emotions. I’ve noticed that you know?” Drapper said. 

Animal Control later seized the dog, veryifing that the animal was unlicensed. 

The owner was later cited for the infractions, according to police. However, the dog’s owner told FOX40 off-camera he believes it was a different dog that attacked the duck. 

But both Drapper and Terri Wilson say there has been past issues with that dog attacking animals and people. They shared video of the dog jumping the fence from before. 

“I don’t want any trouble with them, but at least keep your dog under control,” Drapper said. “I mean it was ridiculous with the whole situation that happened with my dad and everything, and I’m not defending my dad. I just, it injured and animal, you know what’s next?”

As for Mr. Duck, Drapper says after the attack Monday he clearly had a broken leg. And now, they can not find the duck, fearing it may have succumbed to its injuries. 

“I hope it’s still alive, but my dad will be really said if it’s not,” Drapper said. 

Clinton Wilson has his first court appearance Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. His family hopes to be able to find the duck before then. 

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