Family Says Their Home Surveillance System Caught Woman Leaving a Baby in Their Driveway for Two Hours

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DEL PASO HEIGHTS — Footage from home surveillance show a woman walking into a driveway, dropping off what appears to be a “baby” in an infant seat then returning two hours later. The family living at that home say this all happened Wednesday night on Harris Avenue in Del Paso Heights.

They say the woman left behind other items belonging to a child.

The family says baby formula and baby toys with women’s clothing were found where the car seat was left.

They say it wasn’t until they checked surveillance that they saw the woman pick up the child and heard what appears to be a child crying.

“It was kind of chilling to see that,” said neighbor Shari Hoover.

Shocking video shows what appears to be a woman leaving a child in an infant seat in a stranger’s driveway.

“At the end of the video you can hear the baby crying,” stated Anahuac Guadarrama referring to the family’s home surveillance footage. “She came back again without having anything in her hands.”

Surveillance captured by Guadarrama’s family show the woman picking up the infant seat – two hours later – before walking back to the street.

“So, we knew she left the baby there for a few hours and it was cold,” said Guadarrama.

A neighbor who lives nearby says she saw the woman earlier – arguing with a man – while holding a child that appeared to be around eight months old.

“He was driving around the street, I was scared he was going to hit them, so I was telling her to go in my laundry room,” said Hoover. “I saw the video, it was clearly the same girl with stuff in her arm.”

Hoover believes the woman was hiding her child from harm’s way.

“She was protecting her child, she did what she had to do to keep that baby away from that man,” said Hoover.

However, Guadarrama’s family hopes the mother will ask them for help next time around.

“We gotta be helpful, talk to her, if not try an officer,” said Guadarrama

Hoover added that the woman “may have been protecting other people too. Sometimes you gotta make harder decisions to be smarter.”

The family says they notified deputies about the incident, but say a report was not filed.

They say they’re hoping the woman returns so they can help her out with any resources she may need.


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