Family Searches for Missing Sutter County Teen

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SUTTER COUNTY — After the disappearance of Aly Yeoman, another family near Live Oaks is worried about their missing daughter.

A 16-year-old has been missing since Wednesday night in an area not too far away from where Yeoman was last spotted.

While authorities do not believe the cases are related, the girl’s family hopes she’ll be found soon.

“She’s just like a really big bubble of joy, and she’s just incredibly funny,” the girl’s sister told FOX40.

Her mother Kelly Ercolini told FOX40 the girl went missing after taking a break from a service at the Church of Glad Tidings on Eager Road off Highway 99 in Sutter County.

“Five minutes after she had gotten up and walked up to take a break, I went out to look for her,” but her mother couldn’t find her.

Shortly before that, a family friend saw her walking in the church parking lot towards a nearby orchard.

“She said ‘are you doing OK?’ And she said ‘I’m struggling with something…’ And then she said ‘I just need a few minutes I’ll be in in a minute,’ and then she never came back in,” her mother said.

The church’s security officers looked for her on ATVs in those orchards but came up with nothing.

“We walked all the way down to the end of the property, didn’t see her. We kept checking around different buildings,” said James Edwards, who works security at the Church of Glad Tidings.

After hearing about other missing person cases in the area, including 20-year-old Aly Yeoman, the girl’s mother is now worried sick.

“The detective has tried to assure me that while he couldn’t tell me why they weren’t connected that I shouldn’t worry about that… However he doesn’t know what happened to Annie, so I don’t know how you can make that conclusion,” her mom told FOX40.

While detectives are looking into the girl’s disappearance, her mom is also frustrated the Department of Justice and the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office has listed her as a runaway in online posters.

“I’m not saying it’s not possible that she ran away, I’m saying it’s unlikely,” the girl’s mother said.

Authorities also continue to search for yet another missing girl in Sutter County — Ariana Torres disappeared on February 10. She is also listed as a runaway.

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