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An overwhelming sense of grief hangs over the Phillips family.

“My brother, he was such a good kid,” said David Phillips through tears.

As they mourn the loss of Desmond Phillips, questions remain about why the 25-year-old Sacramento native was shot and killed by Chico police officers.

“This should’ve been handled way different. They didn’t have to pull out their guns,” said David Phillips, who said his brother suffered from mental illness.

He said Desmond was having an “episode” Friday at his dad’s Chico apartment.

“My dad called the ambulance to come take him to the hospital so they could get him some medication,” said David Phillips.

The Chico Police Department said the fire department reported Desmond was hostile so the PD responded to the home.

Officers saw Desmond “pacing in a small living room area and was seen holding two knives,” said Chico police Chief Michael O’Brien.

Officers said Desmond shut the front door on them. They then got information that Desmond was trying to break into a room where his dad and two nephews were.

Investigators said because of the potential threat officers went inside and tased him.

According to Chief O’Brien, Desmond then started slashing at the officers with a knife. That’s when two officers opened fire.

“He was not a threat to my dad or my nephews at all, I don’t know why the hell the police would say that but, no,” said David Phillips.

The family said police should have taken Desmond’s mental illness into consideration before pulling the trigger.

“They obviously seen that he’s not in his right mind,” said David Phillips.

Loved ones said they’re in talks with the NAACP and want to get the organization involved to bring justice to Desmond.

The two officers involved in this shooting were both placed on paid administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

The family has set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for funeral costs.