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(KTXL) — It has been two years since a Rancho Cordova mother was found dead inside a burning car, and her family is still holding out hope that whoever killed her will be brought to justice. 

“I always come here because this is where I know she was last alive,” said Robbie Rego. 

Friends and family gathered Saturday evening near the car wash on McGregor Drive, trying to make sense of what happened to Kara Delozier. 

“It has been very difficult, very hard,” Rego said. 

Rego, Delozier’s mother, says the family is still trying to find out why her daughter was killed. 

“I miss her every day. I stare at her picture, I cry and I yell, I’m asking why. Who would do this to her?” said Jennifer George, Delozier’s aunt. “It’s hard enough to accept that she is gone. But it’s harder to accept the fact that her killers are out there celebrating with their families. They are there for the holidays.”

It happened back in July of 2019. The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office found Delozier’s body inside a burning car at the end of El Manto Drive. With her killer still at large, deputies last year released surveillance video showing a person of interest in the case. 

The video shows a man that day, just before 4 a.m., walking past the McGregor Drive EZ Clean Car Wash and Coloma Food and Gas on Coloma Road. 

“All we want is some answers,” George said. “We can’t get any kind of peace without any justice. What happened? Let us know. It’s not OK how she was found, and it’s not OK that we just can’t be at peace.”

Delozier is described as a person who would give the shirt off her back to anybody. Rego is saddened that Delozier never got to meet her grandchild. 

She prays whoever did this is brought to justice. 

“All those people that she helped out that she was there for, she needs you to be there for her now,” Rego said. “I am advocating for my daughter, please come forward with any information that you have because these people are brutal. They need to be put behind bars before this happens to somebody else’s daughter.”

The family says one tip is all it takes. They say people might be afraid of speaking up, but they encourage them to come forward and help bring justice.