Family worries about next steps after elderly mother tests positive for COVID-19 while at Fairfield facility

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. (KTXL) — At least three waves of COVID-19 have hit an assisted living center in Fairfield. 

Parkrose Gardens has had 39 cases of COVID-19 among residents and 11 among staff, according to Solano County Health and Social Services. There have been two deaths linked to the coronavirus at the facility.

A private room at Parkrose Gardens can cost at least $5,000 a month. One family said that’s affordable compared to nearby assisted living facilities. 

But that family’s son, who asked FOX40 to protect his privacy, asked at what cost?

“For my whole family, it’s scary,” he said.

The man said his mother, who has dementia and is in her 70s, had been safe from COVID-19 during the first two waves the virus had hit the facility. 

“Ever since they announced the first outbreak, they’ve been doing a weekly test on all the employees and residents,” the son said.

The facility has the capacity to house at least 102 people. 

He said the staff announced they would be separating residents to ensure their safety. That was around Sept. 1.

When a family member dropped off some medication on Sept. 5, they noticed their mother somehow wandered onto a floor with infected patients. 

Three days later, she tested positive for COVID-19 and was transferred to a Kaiser hospital.

“Knowing my mom has it, it’s very scary,” her son said.

Meridian told FOX40 their top priority is residents’ and staff members’ health, adding, “Our community follows and adheres to the guidelines provided by the CDC and state and local health officials.”

“We diligently enforce stringent infection control policies to screen all staff and residents for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 infections,” Meridian continued.

The son said his mother is getting better each day but she’s not out of the woods yet. Their worry now is where she’ll go once she’s out of the hospital.

“If my mom’s going to be discharged, is it gonna be safe for her to come back?” he wondered.

The son added that his family has no other choice but to bring her back to the facility because no one else will likely accept a new resident who has had COVID-19.

According to FOX40’s research, the California Department of Social Services has issued at least 22 complaints against Parkrose Gardens. Some of those citations may be under appeal.

In a statement sent to FOX40, a representative for the department said, in part:

… The CDSS Community Care Licensing Division licenses facilities in accordance with state law.  The Department continues to respond to facility complaints that pose an immediate or potential for immediate threat to health and safety, and continues to carry out investigations remotely and in-person.  The Department also continues to issue new guidance and update existing guidance as the COVID-19 pandemic evolves.

Jason Montiel, Public Affairs and Outreach Programs for the California Department of Social Services

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