Family: Young Mom Killed in Stolen Car Crash after Asking for Ride

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COLUSA — It’s been a rough 24 hours for the family of Kelli Lewis.

Her sudden death left the family in shock and two children without a mother.

“I found out yesterday morning around 4 o’clock. I found out from my sister Courtney that my sister had been in a serious accident,” said Michael Lewis.

Sitting together and holding hands at the last place 25-year-old Kelli enjoyed time with her kids, loved ones shared memories.

“She was so young. She was a great girl. she had her whole life ahead of her,” said Kelli’s sister, Roxanna Fryer.

Kelli’s mother, Tamara Null, added that “she loved hard and she always gave her all when she loved somebody.”

Family members say they found out Thursday afternoon that Kelli was killed as a passenger in a stolen car driven by a 21-year old friend.

“What we heard from family and friends is that she was out of gas at the casino and she called a friend to come pick her up, she had got in the car not knowing it was stolen,” Michael said.

California Highway Patrol officials say an off-duty officer recognized the stolen Honda as it traveled eastbound on State Route 20.

Officials say Colusa County authorities were notified and located the car before pursuing the driver.

They say the driver started speeding at an excess of 100 mph and traveled into another lane with opposite traffic before crashing head-on into a Big-Rig.

Both the driver and Lewis died in the crash. The driver of the Big Rig was not injured.

“I don’t think she’d want us to be sad like this, but we are, we miss her,” Null said.

While Kelli’s family say they’re thankful no one else was hurt, they’re offering condolences to the family of the driver.

“I’d like to send my prayers out to them and let them know that they’re not alone, there’s no hard feelings for anyone’s family and I’m glad the truck driver survived,” Kelli’s mother said.

Now, the family is hoping to keep Kelli’s memory of her short time here on earth, alive.

“Kelly had a tattoo that said, ‘life is a beautiful struggle’ and she went through a lot in her short life, but she had a lot of love in her heart,” said Courtney Smith.

CHP officials are still handling the crash investigation.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for Kelli’s funeral expenses.  You can find more information by clicking the link.


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