Fate of Stockton’s Holiday Park Pool Up in the Air

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STOCKTON — Once a popular spot to cool off, Stockton’s Holiday Park pool is now facing an uncertain future.

The pool was often considered an “oasis” for kids trying to beat the San Joaquin Valley heat.

However, some neighbors say because the place was often closed, families were left dry and disheartened.

“It’s sad for the kids ’cause the neighbors over here just moved in and they’ve got, like, five kids,” said neighbor Ron Castillo.

After 50 years of managing the pool, the Holiday Park Recreation Association has called it quits, citing too many repairs and lack of funding, according to city spokeswoman Connie Cochran.

“Let the condition go. I guess that’s part of what the problem is, the upkeep,” Castillo told FOX40.

The city will now take over.

“It’s very hot and so we understand that, and so that’s our goal is to get it open as quickly as possible,” Cochran said.

Cochran said crews will have to assess just how much it will cost to repair, maintain and reopen the pool. She added the city is hoping to reopen the gates midseason.

However, if the costs are too high, there is a possibility the gates will remain closed permanently.

“We’re still looking at it because we need to get in there and take a look at what’s needed in order to open it and then how we’re going to staff it,” Cochran said.

With downtown’s Weber Point being outfitted with a new filtration and pump system, many families are looking at other ways to stay cool.

“And that will take this season to do that,” Cochran explained.

There are a number of other pools throughout the city that will be open. The season starts after this Memorial Day weekend.

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