Father Describes Daughter’s Attempted Kidnapping

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kindra card
Kindra Card’s booking photo. (Stockton Police Dept.)


Alex Mena was ready to go to fists when he said a strange woman barged her way inside his home and snatched up his 3-year-old daughter, Lexi.

Stockton ops arrested 29-year-old Kindra Card for alleged kidnapping and burglary.

“I’m a parent, man. I was gonna beat her up,” Mena, 25,said. “I go to the bathroom for not even 10 minutes, come back out and my daughter is not on the couch. She’s nowhere in the house.”

Panic immediately set in as both parents search in and around their home.

“When I walked out, she was right here talking to my grandma. And then she turned around and looked at me, grabbed the blankets. I didn’t know what was in the blankets. She went like this and it was my daughter and I instantly started yelling at her,” Mena said, describing his encounter with Card.  “I’m like, ‘what are you doing with my kid?’ ‘You guys weren’t home. I’m taking care of her now.'”

“‘What are you talking about lady? Give me my kid.’  I’m yelling at her. And my wife goes, grabs my kid, takes my kid in the house, starts asking my kid, ‘Did she hurt you?’”

“My daughter was scared she kept telling the lady, ‘I don’t know you. I wanted my mommy. My mommy didn’t say I could go with you.’”

Once they knew Lexi was fine, Alex took off with his grandma in the car, searching for the alleged kidnapper. Police got there in no time, putting Card in cuffs.

“I want everybody to know, if your kid can’t be in your house on your couch with two to four pit bulls here, where is your kid safe at, really?”


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