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ARBUCKLE – Arbuckle is a small community where almost everyone knows everyone.

Many knew Natalie Corona, the police officer who was shot and killed after responding to a crash in Davis. Now, the community is comforting her family in their time of grief.

Corona’s father wanted everyone to know she died doing what she loved.

“She just enjoyed her job. She would come home and she would be beaming,” said Jose Merced Corona.

He said his daughter would commute from the family’s home in Arbuckle to work patrol in Davis. Being a cop was always her dream.

“She would always call me ‘brother cop.’ And I would tell her, ‘You can’t call me brother cop because you’re not there yet. You don’t have a right to call me brother cop, you’re not there yet,'” Jose Merced Corona said. “When she graduated from the academy, she says, ‘OK, so now can I call you brother cop?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’”

Natalie Corona was the oldest of four sisters.

“She was the greatest big sister that they could have had,” her father said.

She attended Pierce High School and worked as a lifeguard at the local pool.

Her father says being an officer was truly her calling. She often had a big heart, even while working.

“She arrested an individual the other day and she came home and said, ‘You know dad, I had to take this person’s bag of cereal and that was all they had to eat.’ So, I put $5 in his bag and told him that was for them to eat when they got out,’” Jose Merced Corona said.

The gesture left the suspect in tears.

“And I said, ‘Well Natalie, you can do that but you’re going to run into people like that all the time,'” Jose Merced Corona said. “She says, ‘I know dad, but I don’t mind.'”

Now, with her gone, her father says his family has no hate for the man who pulled the trigger.

“We’re not angry. You know, I mean, we’re going to grieve,” he said. “And the individual is not with us any longer. So we’re very faithful people.”

“I think she died doing what she loved to do. She knew that was a possibility and I think she embraced that.”