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It’s a picturesque setting for a wedding; the historic Grand Island Mansion sits between the Sacramento River and rows of orchards in Walnut Grove.

Saturday, Durga Moparti got married at the mansion.

Two days later she’s still in the area, stressing instead of celebrating.

“I think he just went for a casual walk because one of my family members actually saw him walking down the road,” Moparti said.

Her father, Prasad Moparti, hasn’t been seen since wandering off during the reception.

Relatives tell FOX40 the 55 year-old came to California from India about a month ago to see his daughter walk down the aisle.

“I believe that he was just walking and he fell unconscious, and he just tripped or something like that, but I’m really not sure what happened, and this seems like a total mystery,” Moparti said.

Many wedding guests spent the day trying to solve that mystery by scouring the area alongside search crews.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department had a boat out in the river with a cadaver dog.

Family and friends spread missing person’s posters throughout the area.

Because he walked away from the party, the sheriff’s department says Moparti is considered a “voluntary missing person” and that some relatives told investigators he was recently depressed.

The bride paints a different picture.

“He was a very happy person, and he enjoyed the entire wedding. He was actively participating in all the events,” Moparti said.

For now, all plans are on hold until the family figures out what happened to the father of the bride.

“Our only focus is to get our father back, and our efforts will continue until we get our father back,” Moparti said.

The 55-year-old was last seen wearing the traditional brown and gold dress seen in the photograph.