Father Still Missing One Week after His Abandoned Car was Found Near Lake Natoma

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Family says Vijay Kumar’s locked car was found parked at the aquatic center near Lake Natoma but he hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

“It just does not seem like he would do anything drastic,” said Kumar’s wife, Madhur.

Madhur Kumar stood hand in hand with her two teenage sons Monday, exactly one week after her 57-year-old husband went missing.

“It was shocking. I was at work, actually, and I get a phone call from my mom. She’s like, ‘Oh, dad hasn’t come home yet,’” said Jay Kumar.

Madhur said she and her husband went to an orientation for their youngest son last Monday before they parted ways for the day. His oldest son, Jay, was the last person to hear from his father.

“I got a phone call from him at 2 just asking, ‘How are you guys doing? Are you guys home yet?’” he told FOX40.

The family said they immediately knew something was wrong when Vijay did not return home.

“When he’s running late, there’s always he’ll call and says, ‘I’m going to be late today.’ And so, I didn’t hear that from him,” Madhur Kumar said. “He was not a person who would shun his responsibilities. He was not impulsive. Very stable, well-balanced scientist.”

Family and friends in the Gold River and Folsom communities spent their Father’s Day searching for the missing dad.

“We had a ton of people come out and support us. It was over 100 people,” Jay Kumar said.

While the family is holding onto hope, they’re left waiting for answers that could lead them one step closer to finding Vijay.

“I know this probably isn’t voluntary, like, there’s no way. But if he is somehow listening to this, somehow, I just want him to come home,” Jay said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office confirmed they received a missing persons report. They said they don’t believe his disappearance is suspicious at this time.

If you happen to know where Vijay may be, you’re asked to contact deputies.


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