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Since the days of Bonnie and Clyde, bank robberies have been the fashionable crime. Even Hollywood makes them look glamorous, with the bad guy getting the big bucks.

But the days of the old stick ups are rapidly declining as risks grow higher and robbers walk away with less.

In 1991, there were 9,400 bank robberies. Compare that to 2012, when the number dropped to less than 4,000.

Also in 2012, the Federal Bureau of Investigation noted that robbers made out with $7,600 each heist — but in 1997 they, were breaking the bank at $12,400 per job.

Experts say increased security, including bullet proof barriers at banks and tougher sentencing for robbers, could be the cause for the decline.

When Wells Fargo Bank installed “bandit barriers” in the 90’s, their robberies dropped by 70%.

Increased technology also makes it easier for robbers to get caught.

A Sacramento man known as the “Pot Belly Bandit” was most recently photographed for robbing four banks since early May.

While the FBI won’t give specifics, they say the cash he made out with was not much.