Federal Workers Relieved, Skeptical after Deal to Temporarily Reopen Government

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SACRAMENTO — TSA workers at Sacramento International Airport will finally get their paychecks after Washington reached a deal to temporarily reopen the federal government.

“It’s a blessing,” TSA Officer Gary Holdsworth said. “People can get back to normal.”

Holdsworth is a lead TSA officer and vice president of Local 1230. He says the past 35 days were tough for many of his fellow officers.

“People had to start thinking about paychecks and stress and what’s going on and it became their life 24/7,” he told FOX40.

While Holdsworth’s officers were in better spirits Friday, they know the government could shut down again in three weeks.

“Of course that’s the little caveat that says February 15th,” Holdsworth said. “So that’s going to hang in there.”

House Rep. Ami Bera, D-Elk Grove, admits both sides will have to make compromises in order to avoid another shutdown and he’s willing to work with representatives from across the aisle.

“We’ve got this three weeks, we should be able to find a way to keep our borders secure and maybe we can even address some of the other immigration issues like the dreamers, etcetera,” Bera said. “And if part of that solution is a barrier, a wall steel slats, a smart wall which could be drone technology sensors, etcetera, let’s be open to whatever is the best way to do this.”

For now, Holdsworth is remaining optimistic congress and the president will reach an agreement before the next deadline.

“Let’s not go through it again. You’ve got three weeks. Solve it,” he said. “Represent the people, not your party.”


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