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At the Finish Line shoe store in Stockton’s Weberstown Mall, they were expecting a big day. Saturday, the new Air Jordans – the 11 Gamma Blues – dropped. And sure enough, before the doors opened-up, people were lining up to get a pair.

“A new shoe was coming, so it was a big line. Lots of people,” said M.D. Ahmed, who works at a kiosk outside of the store.

But what happened next has, as they say, gone viral. Captured on cell phone video, at least three different skirmishes break out in the store. Punches are thrown. Adversaries are tackled. Blood is spilt.

You can’t tell from the video whether the men are fighting over the last pair, or some rare size of the shoe. There no explanation as to why one of the men isn’t wearing a shirt. What does become obvious quickly is that the fight is no game.

No one from Finish Line shoes, or Weberstown Mall, was willing to speak with us. FOX40 did speak with Stockton Police Department spokesman Joe Silva about the incident. He said officers responded to the a call for help at the mall, but by the time they got it, there were no suspects and no victims on scene. No arrests were made.

Witnesses told us they saw men running off after the fight.

Meanwhile, employees at Finish Line say the store is sold out of the Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blues — shoes that cost upwards of $230, with a namesake who hasn’t played in the NBA for a decade.

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