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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Fire crews across the state are getting ready for what could be a long wildfire season.

They are stressing to the public, now is the time to start getting fire ready.

Fire crews are worried about what might come because of how dry vegetation is, but they are hoping their worst fears don’t come true.

With dry grass, low humidity and high winds, conditions are ripe for a repeat of the 2020 wildfire season.

“We’ve already seen some fire activity that we don’t see until late summer now,” said Captain Adam Huckaby with Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District.

Huckaby said Metro Fire and other Sacramento regional fire agencies will transition to wildland fire season starting Monday.

“Try to get ahead and handle on things and have that equipment ready so those early-season fires don’t get out of hand,” Huckaby said.

Officials said the burning conditions they are seeing now are what they typically see in July or August.

“One spark and suddenly you have hundreds of acres burning in the grass. That is all it takes, mowing and your mower hits a rock or your weed eater hits a spark and that is where we are at,” Huckaby said.

The urgency to stay wildfire safe starts off wildfire preparedness week.

“Now is the time to get prepared for the upcoming wildfire season,” said Robert Foxworthy with Cal Fire.

Foxworthy said during non-red flag days homeowners should remove all dead plants, grass and weeds. Homes should have 100 feet of defensible space, and make sure everyone in the household knows an evacuation plan.

“Make sure you have that box or have that bag ready to go with your extra clothes and your important paperwork,” Foxworthy said.

Since the majority ​of wildfires are caused by humans, Foxworthy said to be careful of your surroundings, and if there is a wildfire in your area and you are told to evacuate, evacuate.

“When we go into the fire area and the public is still there, our priorities go from fighting that fire to safely evacuating the individuals out of that area,” Foxworthy said.

For more information on how to be fire safe visit Metro Fire Sacramento, Plan Ready for Wild Fire, and Ready for Wildfire.