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Twenty foot flames shot into the air at Tiscornia park, where the American River meets the Sacramento River, on Saturday afternoon.

“Saw flames coming up and it just got out of hand,” said Michelle Chatoff.

Fox40 was the first crew on the scene and saw flames swallow a tree and heat up a beach where dozens thought they’d come to cool off.

Sacramento City Firefighters came within minutes of the fire starting and said the fire covered about a quarter of an acre. Today was the first time the department were able to use their boat for a fire.

“It did assist the crews with some mop up and were able to get our crews some hands on training with it, and at the same time assist so the citizens of Sacramento are lucky to have it,” said Spokesperson Roberto Padilla.

Firefighters are urging people to exercise caution during the hot weather days, especially since fireworks just went on sale.

“We ask people out there to please be vigilant, fireworks did go on sale today at noon, windy conditions very hot, we’re expecting triple digits so please exercise common sense and caution,” said Padilla.

No one was injured in the fire and the cause is unknown.