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A firefighter and paramedic with the City of Folsom is in critical condition Wednesday evening at Sutter Roseville Hospital, but not for an on-the-job related accident.

Eric Williams was out running Tuesday morning on a trail near Folsom Lake Crossing when he was struck from behind by a bicyclist.

Williams suffered major head trauma. According to a website set up for family and friends, Williams had bruising on the frontal lobe of his brain and needs a ventilator to assist with his breathing.

Williams’ accident does expose the chaos of running and biking on a public trail.

“You got to pick a side, pick a lane and stick to it,” Lauren McDaniels said.

“As long as you look ahead, when you do see a lot of traffic, you just slow down,” echoed cyclist Richard Phlugrath.

But life on the trails, where you are bound to see at least one near-miss every time, there is very little or no protection from those who zip by on their bikes, or from the jogger who can’t hear with their headphones in.

“It makes it tough because they don’t acknowledge you, because they can’t hear you,” cyclist Kris Silbaugh said.

“They go fast, and all of a sudden they are on top of you,” walker Dillon Martz said. “And they are yelling at you when them come by, they think it’s your fault but you got to kind of share the trail. There’s not much room on the side.”

Etiquette, manners, and a whole bunch of patience is all anyone can offer in this situation.