(KTXL) — The CAL FIRE Amador- El Dorado unit conducted a live fire training near Sloughhouse where firefighters came face-to-face with real fire conditions that will soon be more than a test.

“It’s a whole different thing you’ve got a lot of gear on you’ve got a lot of weight and it’s hot,” Diana Swart with the CAL FIRE Amador- El Dorado unit said. “It’s very arduous and it’s not for everyone.”

Around 70 firefighters were introduced to dealing with real-life fire conditions as smoke filled the air and flames ripped through vegetation, a scenario these firefighters will soon have to tackle when it counts. The only difference is the training was only a controlled burn and not a threatening fire placing buildings and people in harm’s way.

Swart says it’s these conditions that will alert these men if they’re equipped to fight fires.

“Some may decide after today this is not for them so hopefully that’s not the case but it’s just only fair and they understand how fire behaves”

Swart says they’re gearing up for what’s expected to be an intense fire season. The dry conditions facing firefighters will only fan flames and they’re hoping to walk in prepared.

“With drought conditions increased fire behavior we need more firefighters and we have had a little bit of an influx,” Swart said.