Firefighters Encounter Unexpected Guest at Firehouse

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SAN JOAQUIN — Some firefighters in Tracy had an unexpected guest Saturday morning.

It happened around 3 a.m. at the South San Joaquin Fire Authority firehouse on West 11th Street.

A few firefighters were asleep Saturday when one of them needed a glass of water.

He made is way into the kitchen and encountered one of the most unusual situations of his career.

“Took them back a bit, these are people who deal with all kinds of unique situations, but just in this circumstance, this environment, was a little startling for the crews,” Division Chief David Bramell told FOX40.

Bramell says standing before his co-worker was a stranger and, in the microwave, the stranger was heating up his breakfast.

“Found a homeless man preparing a burrito in the microwave,” Bramell said.

Putting his shock aside, Bramell says the firefighter first evaluated his crew’s safety, and then he asked the stranger if he needed help.

“The person said that they were hungry and cold, and so our personnel tried to help him with some water, and a plate and kinda set him on his way,” Bramell said.

Bramell says the guest wasn’t overly motivated to leave, and he even tried to take some souvenirs with him.

When the man eventually left, he took some butter with him, and he shared that this wasn’t the first time he had been there.

“This is the one isolated incident that we’re aware of,” Bramell said.

Bramell says they believe the hungry intruder walked through an unlocked door, but it won’t happen again.

“Refocus the importance of maintaining that security for all of our facilities, just to make sure that our folks are safe,” Bramell said.

The hungry intruder was not cited nor arrested.


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