PINE GROVE, Calif. (KTXL) — The Electra Fire made an aggressive Tuesday afternoon run toward several homes overlooking the Mokelumne River canyon.

Along Clinton Bar road in Pine Grove, Firefighters were ready. They parked water tenders in driveways, and hand crews cut containment lines.

And all afternoon, firefighting helicopters swooped in, under the clouds and into the smoke, dropping thousands of gallons of water onto the northeast flank of the fire.

It’s noticeable that homeowners there prepared for a day just like this, cutting back the grasses a few hundred feet away from their homes. The home becomes a property firefighters can defend.

“That defensive space is important. Big time — Big time,” Pine Grove resident Randy Harbeck said.

Harbeck, who lives in the neighborhood, marvels at the firefighters’ efforts.

“They’re saving a whole community doing the best they can, putting in their efforts back-to-back,” Harbeck said. “With the resources they’re pulling out, what they’re doing, it’s fabulous.”

The neighborhood is under an evacuation order, but Harbeck and several of his neighbors chose to stay. Once you drive out of an evacuation zone, you can’t drive back in until the order is lifted.

One couple, Alex and Arlin, told FOX40 they walked a few miles into the neighborhood to get a few last items out of her mom’s house.

“We just hope that everyone’s alright. Safe,” Alex said.

So far, the neighborhood is safe. In an area that survived a close call with the Butte Fire in 2015, wildfire is a constant concern.

“Always. Every year. Every year,” Harbeck said.

The Electra Fire devoured enough fuel to hopefully keep flames away from these homes, at least until next year when the grasses grow back.

“All it takes is about a month-and-a-half and bam. It goes from green to yellow,” Harbeck said.